• Bespoke classic games room treehouse with slide tower and double swing set
  • Custom designed games room treehouse and play tower design drawing
  • Bespoke treehouse and play tower built under tree canopy
  • Design drawing for custom designed games room treehouse with play tower

Games Room Treehouse & Play Tower

In this large South Dublin garden, Peter O’Brien and the Forest Wild team have designed and built a treehouse with games room for adults and a play tower & swings for children. With the treehouse deck wrapped around an existing mature birch you feel you are in the canopy though the structure is set low to avoid overlook issues. The classic cabin like feel of the stained vertical cladding, with natural slate roofing, works to emphasize the atmosphere of a woodland retreat. The play tower and swings are placed within view of the deck where you can sit back and unwind while the children play away. This treehouse has elements appealing to both adults and children.

Bespoke woodland cabin design treehouse, with games room and play tower, nestled in surrounding trees

Games-Room Treehouse

Built for longevity, this large woodland cabin styled treehouse and play tower nestles comfortably under neighbouring trees and a mature birch in the rear corner of the garden. The mellow tones of the wood finishes help it blend in with the landscape.

Custom treehouse with double swing set and tower slide

The Treehouse Layout

This bespoke treehouse contains three main elements; the games room itself, the comfortable deck and the play tower with slide & double swing set. The formal foreground planting helps to visually soften and link the treehouse with the rest of the garden.

Treehouse deck detail incorporating mature birch tree

Treehouse Location

The carefully detailed deck wraps around a mature birch tree giving a sense of settled permanence to the treehouse design. Attention to detail is all important, insuring a match of design and build quality with that of the main house.

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